A few words about "Ayurveda" :

"Ayurveda" the science of life and longevity, is a system of healing that is more than 5000 years old. In Mahabalipuram but mostly in Varkala and Kovalam you will be offered at a very reasonable price very good ayurvedic massage and treatments made with herbal oils and medicated oils. The oils are prepared with freshly picked herbs. Most oils contain a minimum of 15 different herbs. Certain special formulae combine 132 herbs. The massages are done by experts who belong to families who are guardians of this antique wisdom of healing.

1- Relaxation massage

2- Therapeutic massage

3- Marma massage stimulating the 107 "Marma" (vital points) of the body.

There is in the body 107 "Marma' points, 107 vortex of vital energy. When these vital points are stimulated by massage it awakens and enriches the physiology allowing profound relaxation and healing.

4- Udvartanam massage made with medicated herbal powders that prevent excessive accumulations of fat in the body. It also helps the blood circulation and strengthens the body.

5- Foot massage - powerful and rejuvenating.

6- Special massage of the joints (including each vertebra) made with powerful medicated oils. Helps cure rheumatism, arthirits and pain in the joints.

Health corner:

Question: . What to bring to India on my first aid kit?

Answer: . Bring one bottle of activated vegetable charcoal and take 2 capsules daily while in India. . Bring some Nutribiotic ( Liquid concentrate of Extract of Citrus)and put 3 drops in your cold drinks like fruit juice or mineral water. . Bring some PBS ( Pro - Biotic Acidophilus) and take 2 capsules per day. . Bring some Lopermide hydrochloride Caplets (anti - diarrhoeal). Bring some Gastrolyte (Oral Dehydration Salts) . Bring some Polyporin (antibiotic ointment) and apply some even in case of minor cuts.