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with swami satchidananda                     with nannagarou

Born in Canada in 1948 Gilles is a planetary citizen. He studied Sociology at the University of Montreal for four years and at the University of Aix-en-Provence in the south of France for one year. He then travelled extensively for nearly three years in Europe, Africa, Central America and the Middle-East before starting his teaching career. He has taught in Canada, in the United States of America, in Africa, in India, In Japan and in the People's Republic of China.


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January 2007 Cha-Am,Thailand

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Ubud (Cultural capital of Bali)

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September 2013

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Sri Chinmoy
Ma Anandamoye

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1. Thank you Gilles for this wonderful tour. I have received 100 times more than what I had expected. Thank you.
- Serge Roy

2. Dear Gilles , thank you for the most beautiful trip of my life
- Lucille Gignac

3. My dear Gilles, thank you for a wonderful tour. Your attention to details, transportation, meals and accomodation was commendable. Your cheerful presence was a boon and your knowledge of Indian culture and religion wide ranging and informative
- Tom Mitchell

4. Gilles, your exuberance and dream of a pilgrimage of South India has become a reality. Thank you for all the work you put into organizing the tour, selecting the people to go along, and for wanting it to be the best tour for all of us. I have enjoyed the trip immensely. I like India, the people on the tour, and I like you. Thank you so much
- Eric Holmes.

5. Dear Gilles, your spiritual insight and wide social acquaintances along the route we traveled on "Eternity's road" served our pilgrimage well. In addition, your enthusiasm for the journey and its purpose; to deepen our hearts in the realm of enlightment, gave us a sense of inner worlds not yet achieved in consciousness by most of us. We will never forget you or the possibilities you opened to us in your friendly positive way. sincerely
- Richard Delorme.

6. Dear Gilles.
Thank you for a memorable journey both spiritual and physical. All journeys have hills and valleys which mahe it more interesting.The van gave us a positive road trip which was more visual and easy than my other travels. Please continue this part.Your "pull" at the ashrams could not be duplicated by any "tour guide".Hope we all can get together when you return. Much affection,
- Will.

7. Dear Gilles.
The path has been long and windy with many enriching experiences on the way. Thank you for choosing me to be part of the group on "Eternity's road" and for an interesting tour with lots of unexpected surprises!God be with you on your travels and may he bring you home safely.
- Linda.


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Maizumi Roshi
Pir Vila Inayat
Guru Bawa
Mother Mira
Thich Nhat
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Sri Chinmoy
Anandamoyi Ma
Nannagarou et
Swami Ramanananda Giri
de Rishikesh
Nannagarou et
quelques disciples
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Nannagarou , Gilles
et quelques disciples
Swami Shantananda
Ling Rinpoche
Kongtrul III
Karmapa XVI
Karmapa XVII

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